Hello! My name is Angeline Vo. I am a graduate of James Madison University, class of 2010. I majored in Media Arts and Design with a concentration in Corporate Communications. My interests are in communications, media, and  public relations. I am very intrigued by the growth of Social Media and its change in our world of advertising, public relations, communications in all fields, and event planning.

My Blog is specifically about corporate blogs and bloggers touching on the atmosphere of corporate blogging and how it is used, who should use it, its benefits and so on. I also touch base on blogging in general.  In a world where departments such as PR, communications, and marketing used to be separate, Web 2.0 allows them to combine to build online communities furthering an organization’s reputation. But the question is who should blog? Which department? The CEO too? How effective is it getting? What is the future looking like?

(A note on the logo I chose to appear throughout my blog in a subtle manner) Moleskin notebooks are the bearers of ideas that came from the great works of writers, poets, drawers, philosophers and so on. They are still used today to endure the heavy thoughts of working artists and writers. Hopefully, you will see the digital age of blogs becoming a “moleskin” of the future.


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