Profile : Prospective Social Media Candidate

Angeline Vo is a Media Arts and Design major with a concentration in corporate communications from James Madison University. She has taken many valuable courses that have provided her with a well-rounded grasp on corporate communications and media design. They include: corporate media writing, introduction to interpersonal communications, culture by design, British media and society, film adaptations, corporate communications tools and technologies, principles of advertising, mass communication law, and studio art classes.

As a 2010 Graduate of James Madison University,  Angeline will move forward having understood the fundamentals of strong communication skills through extensive group work and an individual capacity to excel in her endeavors. She has experience in leading with an executive board with the Asian Student Union, a diligent work ethic, and the need to constantly meet, reach out, and communicate with people. Her communication background stems from being raised in the metropolitan D.C. area as well as having spent an entire semester abroad in London.



  • Angeline was fortunate to be a part of the original opening store team in Fairfax, Virginia. As a sales associate, she enjoys the team work required to run a store and connecting with clientele on current trends. She also thoroughly enjoys representing the brand while assisting managers in executing themes and concepts.

“Angeline Vo is an excellent candidate for employment. She has been a model employee and we are grateful to have her. She is prompt, reliable and an invaluable member of the team. Angeline approaches challenges head on and is persistent and positive until their resolution — she accepts these tasks with vigor and zeal, considering every possibility before reaching the best possible conclusion. She is flexible and extremely reliable; Angeline is always early for work and is never eager to rush through tasks or the day. She would be an asset to any team. I would highly recommend her for any job that she felt passionate about. ” – Jackie Alcabes, Former Senior Store Manager

Oxford English Academy

  • In September 2010, Angeline received the opportunity to teach English in Jinju, South Korea. She was an English instructor at Oxford English Academy. At Oxford, she  assisted in the administration of a private English language institute, worked with a team of teachers to implement strategies on listening, reading, writing and speaking, and provided South Korean children with the basic foundation of the English language. Her experience opened her eyes to the reality of  South Korea’s education system.

She has impressed us all with her diligence and willingness to do far more than is required of her. Her work is always prepared long beforehand, presented enthusiastically, and marked with great care. She has great perseverance and is totally reliable. She maintains good relations with her students and her colleagues and has contributed much to a pleasant atmosphere in the academy. She is a person with integrity and firm principles. I am sure that she will be an asset to any institution which may secure her services.” –Yeong Ho Lee, Director of Oxford English Academy in Jinju, Republic of Korea

Murad UK Ltd.

  • During the spring of 2010, Angeline studied abroad in London through the James Madison University Program of which she was able to obtain a non-paid internship. She worked for Murad UK Ltd, a leading skin care company as their public relations intern. While working there, Angeline was able to update and maintain contacts with advertising representatives of well-known newspapers and magazines and take customer orders informing them of the benefits of Murad skin products. She also had the privilege to represent Murad at the Excel Center Beauty Trade Show handling cashier responsibilities. Not only did she gain insight into British corporate life, she was able to appreciate a taste of British society and culture.

Asian Student Union

  • Angeline was elected public relations chair of the Asian Student Union  (ASU) in the spring of 2008. This organization taught her the fundamental values a team can have when people’s minds are set to carry out a goal. She worked closely with the executive board to promote Asian culture by facilitating events that created awareness in hopes that others of different ethnicities will see, learn, and possibly join. As the PR chair her vision was to reach out to other organizations in order to fundraise together. During her time with the ASU board, Angeline was co-director of a 5k with Alpha Tau Omega in which ASU raised money for the China Earth Quake Relief. She also co-directed the 10th Annual Asian Student Union Culture Show and helped with Asian Culture Week under a $10,000 budget that the exec board and she obtained based on a proposal to raise diversity at JMU. She is also currently an active member of the Chinese Student Association and the Vietnamese Student Association which are the partnering Asian organizations.

“As President of the Asian Student Union, I had the pleasure of working with Angeline Vo in 2008.  Looking back at the successes the executive board accomplished that year, Angeline played an integral role in leading and going beyond her position as public relations.  She willingly became Co-Culture Show Chair and used her organizational, creative, and communication skills to tackle our organization’s largest project. Preparation and execution is vital and without Angeline’s reliability and dedication, Asian Culture Week & Culture Show, would not have been as great of a success.” –Leanne Carpio, former President of ASU ( ’07-’09).

Northrop Grumman

  • In July 2008, Angeline had the privilege of working for Northrop Grumman as a junior human resources intern. During her time there she maintained and put together an informative book that documents responsibilities in the human resources departments for training purposes. Also, she was able to review qualifications and requirement on resumes of potential new hires. Being at Northrop Grumman allowed Angeline to understand the work  that goes on in a corporate environment and work with a new team.

“Angeline came into the HR organization and instantly jumped into work that needed to be done. She has an ability to fit in and get along with everyone.  After just a few days with the team, you would have thought she had been with us for years. Overall, during Angeline’s two assignments with our team, she demonstrated strengths in communications, initiative, creativity, dedication and follow through.  She was an exceptional intern.” -Tracy Katsaris, HR Manager


  • Angeline has dedicated time every year to the DC Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation that promotes childhood cancer awareness to set up a Christmas banquet in Washington D.C. that celebrate the living children that have survived, say a prayer for those battling and to remember those that have passed away.  She also helps out at the Auspicious Cloud Monastery in Loudon County, Virginia to set up events for Buddhist fundraisers that raise money for the poor in Vietnam. While at James Madison University, Angeline worked with the group Valley Adopt, an organization of couples in the area that have adopted Asian children, to help immerse their children into Asian culture especially during Chinese New Years. As mentioned above, she co-directed a 5k which raised $600 of which 75% was donated to the China Earthquake Relief fund. Lastly, Angeline helped gather bone marrow donations on behalf of the Asian Student Union’s small philanthropy of the semester in 2008.


  • Proficient with Macintosh computers as well as with a PC. Intermediate skills with Adobe Create Suite 3: Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, and InDesign. A basic foundation for Final Cut Pro.
  • Fluent in verbal Vietnamese
  • TEFL Certified – 60 hours

Samples of Work:

Works of Writing:

Creative Suite Works:

  • Magazine Cover of Vogue– A design done in Photoshop of an existing magazine cover.
  • Inside Magazine– A mock-up of  the inside of the magazine.
  • ASU Logo– A logo designed in Illustrator for the Asian Student Union:

Photography Samples (studio space):

Model: Ashley Kim
Photos by: Angeline Vo

Hong Dau (Red Bean)

A short video done to understand the basics of camera shooting for the class Fundamentals in Media Arts and Design.  Edited in Final Cut Pro and shot by Angeline Vo.

Corporate Blogging in the Social Media World : written, shot, and edited by Angeline Vo.


The Importance of a CEO Blog : recorded and edited by Angeline Vo

Executed Events:

In the fall of 2008, the Asian Student Union sponsored Yul Kwon, the winner of Survivor: Cook Islands to come speak about Asian American identity as a factor of being on the show that segregated people into different camps based on different ethnicities. Kwon is also a devoted advocate for bone marrow donations.

In  the fall of 2008, the Asian Student Union sponsored the spoken word group, “ILL-Literacy” to come perform. A group of four unique artists of different ethnic backgrounds, they perform fusing spoken word poetry with a hip hop edge on issues of race and ethnicity, diversity, love, identity, and more. In compliance to the $10,000 dollar budget SGA provided, this group added a new flavor on their delivery of the issues on diversity that complemented JMU’s Asian Culture Week.


Contact Info at:

angelvo14 [at] gmail [dot] [com]


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